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Thread: fireplace ?

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    fireplace ?

    Could some one tell me how you get to the bulbs changed in the fireplace ? have several bulbs out and don,t know how to get to them. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim Thomas

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    Re: fireplace ?

    Go here: // to see how to remove the fireplace glass, the rest is easy. Hope this helps...

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    Re: fireplace ?

    When you say you have several bulbs out that makes me wonder if something other than a burned out bulb might be wrong. One bulb going out I can understand, bet several seems unusual. Are other parts of the fireplace still working such as the heater and fan? We have a 2007 Big Horn 3055RL and our whole fireplace quit on us about two years ago. It turned out to be a loose connection in a small electrical junction box outside and beneath our fireplace slide.

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