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Thread: New Big Horn

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    New Big Horn

    This is my first post on the forum and would like to introduce myself and wife. Dave & Linda here from Vermontville MI. We just purchased the 2011 3670 Big Horn and so far it appears to be everything we need. We are just now packing it for fulltime living as I just retired after 42 yrs with the railroad. So we will be lurking here and trying to keep up with all of you and learn this forum, and learn from all of you. Would also like to hear from people who actually do fulltime in these things and learn from them also. Its kind of overwhelming trying to put what you need and dont need in this very limited space. Not to count getting the stick house ready for my daughter to live in.

    Dave & Linda

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Hi Dave and Linda,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

    Yes, I'm sure it's a big job, but it will have it's rewards.

    Don't just "lurk", jump in and ask your questions, or for advice. We have people from all over that are full timing and have been through what your now doing. They can give you all kinds of ideas and help.

    Enjoy the forum and get out and meet your new family at a rally someplace.

    Jim M
    Jim and Bette
    04 GMC CC Dually D/A, MaxBrake, Riderights
    09 Bighorn 3670RL #9E011439
    Disc Brakes
    HOC #1003
    Heartland Owners Club Information

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Hi Dave and Linda,

    Welcome to the Big Horm Community and welcome to the forum. We have a 2011 BH 3185 RL and we just love it. The forum is very helpful with lots of wonderful people. If you have any questions about your BH or just anything in general, just ask. Enjoy your BH and again welcome to the forum. God bless and safe travels!
    Steve and Karrie Sullivan

    Pittsburg, Texas
    Heartland Owners Club #1603

    2019 BIGHORN 3575 EL
    2018 Ram 3500 Diesel

    2014 RAM 2500 Big Horn Edition D/A CC
    2011 Bighorn 3185 RL Woodland Interior (1st One Made)
    VIN 218672

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Welcome to the forum. We have a Bighorn 3670 RL (2008) and love it, so does everyone that we meet at parks all over the place. Looking forward to a trip to Colorado and everything in between Ohio and Colorado in about three weeks. You have purchased a great RV. Enjoy.

    Les, Linda and Karlee
    and the shih-tzu (Oreo)

    2008 Bighorn 3670RL, 2007 Dodge Ram 3500, 6.7 Cummins Turbo Diesel, long bed

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    Re: New Big Horn

    We have purchased a 2011 Big Horn 3670RL as well ( on order) and will begin our fulltime travels at the end of July, I can hardly wait, to travel and to meet all the wonderful people on this forum. Happy trails and hope to see you soon!
    the travelling g's
    2010 GM 3500HD dually
    2011 Big Horn 3670RL

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Hi Dave and Linda,

    We have lived in our 08' Bighorn for three years, and it is still going strong. It's had some issues, but Heartland has been great and took care of any problems.

    As for packing, you will find you need much less than you think. We make a point of every six months going thru the unit and getting rid of those things we've not used. Glad we do this, just took up golf and now had to find a place for two sets of clubs...LOL!! Fulltiming you will find you need a good selection hand tools, wrenches, screw drivers, etc. We also carry a 150psi compressor...a must! I keep a service for 4 of Corelle, assort plastic storage bowls with lids, a basic set of pots and pans, a crockpot, small table top "Forman" type grill, coffee pot, toaster and that's about it. Clothes...we have mostly light spring summer wear, shorts, tops, etc. We do have a few heavier clothes, jeans, sweaters, 1 light jacket and a heavy coat, gloves, hat...just in case. Like right now, we're sitting in Rawlins, WY waiting for the snow storm to pass....never again in the spring!!

    Basically pack what you NEED...not all those things you want. We took a few things from "home" to make the RV home...basically pictures and small things to hang on the walls. Other than that we don't need much else. It will take a little time, but letting go of things is liberating.

    Welcome to the Heartland family, and enjoy fulltiming...
    Ken & Kathy - H.O.C. #1077
    '17 GMC 3500HD Denali 4WD DRW Long Bed w/Nav, Sunroof, Curt 24Q, WIFI, Sprayed liner, Deep Ruby Metallic!
    '2013 Landmark Key Largo, Fullbody Paint and virtually every option PLUS Mor Ryde IS and Disc Brakes - Our Dream Coach!!

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    Re: New Big Horn

    We don't full time in ours, but something you might consider for storing some extra heavy clothing are the storage bags that use a vacuum cleaner to pull the air out. We keep our extra blankets and towels in them and they take up a lot less space.
    Camp Gotchurwallett
    John & Darlene (with feline fuzzbutts Ally, Merlin & Mickey)
    2009 GMC 3500HD SLT CC D/A DRW
    2009 Bighorn 3670RL (sold 2020 and not replaced)

    H.O.C. #1225

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    USA - AL

    Re: New Big Horn

    Congrats and welcome Dave and Linda,
    Don't just lurk, jump on in and post. Everyone here are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you have.
    Happy trails,
    Anita & Wayne
    HOC #1217

    2016 Bighorn 3685 RL
    2000 F-350 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel

    2010-July/ Nashville/First Rally Ever !!
    2011-June/ Goshen / Back Home Rally
    2011-Aug./ Santa Rosa Beach FL/HOCO
    2011-Oct./ AL/MS Fall Rally, New Site, MS

    2012-April / AL/MS Spring Rally, Gulf Shores, AL
    2012-Oct. / AL/MS Fall Rally, Hattiesburg, Ms

    2013-April / AL/MS Spring Rally, Gulf Shores, AL
    2013-June / Goshen / Back Home Rally
    2013-Sept. / TN/KY Fall Rally, Crossville, TN
    2014-April / TN Spring Rally, Pigeon Forge, TN
    2015-March / GA Spring Rally, Pine Mtn., GA
    ​2015-June/Goshen/10th Ann. National Rally
    2016-April/S.E. Regional/Sevierville, TN
    2016-May/Alabama /Gulf Shores, AL

    To live is to dance, to dance is to live.

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Hum - fulltiming - wish that day would hurry up and get here. Anywhooo - congratulations on your new Condo on Wheels. Enjoy and travel safely.
    Nathan & Byrd
    BamBam (toy poodle)
    Home State: Tennessee
    HOC #1298
    2014 Ram 3500 drw
    2019 Landmark 365 Newport

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    Re: New Big Horn

    Dave & Linda, Welcome to the Heartland family & Forum. Enjoy your new rig and lifestyle. We're almost to the 4 year mark in our rig. No regrets.
    Ray & Lin
    R.I.P. Suzi
    R.I.P Bart

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