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Thread: Cracked Door...

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    Cracked Door...

    We have an 08' Bighorn with an Apollo 1/2 Time that I absolutely love...have had no problem with it whatsoever.

    However, now the door has developed a crack on the outside plastic just above the bottom door hinge. Looks like it's only a matter of time before it breaks off completely...but it still works. Can the door be replaced, and if so, is it something handy DH can do? Can't quite see how it is attached.

    Below are the unit's specifics:

    Model - AAC24B1B
    Manufacture Date - 12/06
    Serial # - 2407091385

    Thanks for any assistance/direction you can provide...
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    Re: Cracked Door...

    I'm not at our rig right now, but if you can see the screws for mounting the door hinge to the cabinet or door frame, it probably can. Call Midwest in the morning.
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    Re: Cracked Door...

    I was hoping that someone from my company could respond. I was on vacation last week and I did not have my password with me to log on to reply to you. Please give us a call if you haven't already. Tammi will be able to answer any questions. Thank you!
    Cari Salmons
    Midwest Sales and Service, Inc.
    Apollo Ovens

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