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Thread: Where is Fresh Water Tank Drain

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    Where is Fresh Water Tank Drain

    It is getting the time of year here to put that pink stuff in the pipes a sad time of year for sure.

    I started looking today for the water heater by-pass , found it , also found a coiled up hose that goes to the input of the pump looks like that is what will have to be stuck in the bottle of anti freeze and the pump will pick it up and run it through the systems.
    I also found a drain sticking out the bottom just below and to the rear of the water heater I think that this must be the hot water heater drain.
    Without starting to haul off the plastic bottom cover I havnt been able to locate any drain for the fresh water tank.

    Can anybody give me an idea where the drain for the fresh water tank is located on a Sundance 2800RLS.

    I have looked in the owners manual but the manual is for the Big Horn and Landmark and does not realy match too much on the Sundance although it does not show where the drain is for those models are either. I hope that the Sundance will soon have its own owners manual.

    Have Fun


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    The Drain sticking out the bottom below the water heater is your fresh water tank drain. At least that's the way it is on our Bighorn. It has a shut-off valve o at the end of the hose sticking out the bottom of the trailer. The water heater should be drained by unscrewing and pulling out the anode rod (if you have one) or the white plastic plug.

    Good luck with getting that "Owners Manual". That has been a pet peev for many of us.

    Good luck,

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    Agree that hose sticking out of the bottom is the fresh water drain hose. At least it is on my 3200 rbh. I have heard the same thing that you need to remove the anode rod to drain the hot water tank.
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    Ken Washington

    That drain is for pumping the water out of the fresh water tank. There should be valves that you turn so that when you run the pump, water is pumped out of the tank. Also when you drain the hot water tank, open the preasure valve so that it will drain quicker. Hope this helps!

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    Fresh water drain

    On the Sundance 3200es there would appear to be only one drain tap. It's sticking out the bottom near the propane piping and covered in foam insulation. I couldn't find any other low point drains. One mistake I made was not letting the pressure off the water system before I pushed the little white thing in on the city water valve. The pink came out ok but now if I turn the pump on it keeps coming out the fresh water intake.

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    We winterized our new BigHorn today and found that the freash water drain didn't flow that freely while sitting. Once we started moving I could see water spashing down. Hopefully all the water is out. Does anybody know how you get antifreeze into that fresh water drain system they have on these things? I figured most of it out but as mentioned had trouble getting the fresh water to drain and the above mentioned drain system.../Doug

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    On a RAZOR the fresh water drain is accessible on the drivers side down by the plumbing fixtures. It's the white hose hanging down with the valve on the end. Your right the "owners" manual doesn't show the drain in the drawing of the plumbing system. IT WOULD BE NICE IF HEARTLAND DID SUPPLY a separate owners manual with each model????? Why not?????????? Also can anyone tell me if there is an on/off switch for the underbelly heating units? I can't find one mentioned in the manual. Is it automatic or can it be manually turned on and off? You don't need it in the summer and without a switch; it seems like a waste of energy. Any info please.
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    Tank heaters are an option. If you have them on your unit, typically, they are activated by a red lighted switch in the area of your other switch/controls/monitor panel. I am told the pads themselves have a thermostat built into them. But you first must switch power onto them before they will work.

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    Re: Where is Fresh Water Tank Drain

    Thank for this info, I found the crash water drain and drained the freshwater tank today

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    Re: Where is Fresh Water Tank Drain

    A 13 year old post to the rescue!!!
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