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Thread: Irst heartland rally in georgia

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    Irst heartland rally in georgia

    Santha and I appreciate all of the words of support from other chapter leaders.
    We will seek advice and help from all of you. We also appreciate the faith that Jim
    Belliti and Dave Yocum placed in us. We will need help from all of you.
    Mike and Connie we live Just north of Atlanta so we are not that far from you.
    We will see what happens with this thread but we are thinking of having the first
    Georgia Rally in the spring 1011. Input on locations are appreciated.
    Anita and Wayne, jump in there, It will be a learning curve for all of us.

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    Re: Georgia Rally

    Randy & Santha, I may watch and learn from you first, if that's o.k.
    And in the meantime, perhaps someone else might sign up to be the chapter leader for Alabama.
    I really would like to know how much time is involved. I did see where a new member of the forum today was from Alabama, so that is good. I don't see many from my state on here.
    Good luck with your chapter, I am sure you will be great leaders and do a wonderful job.

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    Re: Georgia Rally

    If some one starts the chapter we would be glad to join. We live in Ellijay GA. All of the other chapters seem a little far away for us. Keep us informed with some contact info on the forum to let us know what we need to do to join.
    HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, and " GO DAWGS" sorry just couldnt help it

    bozo Brian & Sheila
    2004 GMC 4x4 Z71
    2011 North Trail 21 FBS

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    Founding Georgia Chapter Leader (Ret)
    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    USA - GA

    First Heartland Rally in Georgia

    It looks like there is a lot of interest in getting the Georgia chapter up and running,
    Santha and I will need your support. I am glad there is so much interest.
    I am thinking of a date in March 2011 in central Georgia. The weather at that time
    should be comfortable during the day and we could socialize around a camp fire in the
    I want input from all of you about suggestions for campgrounds. It will need to be
    a private CG such as a KOA or similar so that we can reserve spaces. We need input on this as we generally spend most of our time at state CG.
    I would also again suggest that if you can it would be nice to meet at the Mount
    Airy rally in NC.
    You can PM me or Email at

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