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Thread: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

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    1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    Costco is having a sale on tires until 10/13/10, $70 off when you buy 4 tires (set). these come with more benefits than most others retail stores & tire dealers can handle, like the life time tire rotation, road hazard, and there filled with Nitrogen (best way to go). My question is I lovee the new Michelin all season truck tires and have heard great things about them - How about you out there ? Any heartland owners have a personal experience with these. They are said to get about 70K mi (much better than Goodyr Wrangler) I only got 46K from mine 70% towing my Bighorn around our County. I have the Goodyear G614's on the heartland (love them). At $308 ea +$15 ea for bal, tire removal fee, etc. -$70 total is around $1300. So get bak to me if you have had good or bad dealing with them.
    Michelin - LTX A/T2

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    Re: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    I went with the Michelins. Big difference on how the TV rides, and quieter. On my 02 Chev I had Toyo's and went to Michelins. Much better. On my 09 Ram 1 ton dually it came with Generals so before taking delivery I had them switch them out to Michelins. Again rode better and quieter. When my RV needs tires it will be Michelins.
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    Re: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    I run the Michelin's on a 3/4 ton. Looks like I will get 60K and that is quite a bit better than the Firestone's ran. Great tires and they are very quiet. I use air but only because Nitrogen isn't available here.

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    Re: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    I have the Michelins on my Dodge 3500 SRW and they do ride very well, but I don't think I'm gonna get more than 45-50K miles out of them. I rotate them every 5000 miles or so. I also run a mixture of about 70% nitrogen in them- best stuff you can get, and my local tire shop will fill 'em for free.
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    Re: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    I had them on my RAM 2500 and really liked them.

    I just bought the Michelin LTX M/S2 for my RAM 3500. They have 70,000 mile warranty. I run nitrogen in my tires as well.

    I recommend them. Costco is a good deal when you consider you may have them on for 4-5 years.
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    Re: 1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    I had Costco install Michelin LT's last December on my 07 Silverado 3500. It was about $1,300 for the 6 tires out the door. At that time, they had a similar $70 off 4 promotion (but no additional benefit for 6). I traded the truck in June, but they were great tires while I had them. Much better than the ones installed by the factory... They were quiet and held the road well. I will also say they were much quieter than the ones on my F450 than I have now. My only complaint was that since Costco (at least around here) didn't deal with dually's very much, getting them balanced seemed to be problematic. The first time out was a trip to Florida and needless to say, they weren't balanced well. 2000+ miles later, the truck was back a Costco (I know, Costco down there would have fixed them but I didn't want to take time out of my vacation to deal with tires). They still didn't get it right. Finally, on the third time, they got it right.

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