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Thread: Portable Water Softeners for RVs

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    I've been using the 'on the go' system for about a year. It is easy to recharge with a box of table salt. With both of us taking daily showers and usually long showers we can get about 5 days out of a recharge. I have not found the recharging as quick as they claim though. They claim about 15 minutes. I probably over do it but take sometimes a couple of hours to ensure I get maximum softening out of it. Also if you are ever in high iron areas use about a tablespoon of IronOut when softening. It keeps it clean but also descales the beads that become iron covered.

    I am quite happy with it and think it does a good job.
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    I bought the "On The Go" Water Softener at Our Rally in Goshen.

    I use a in line filter before the softener. Hoping that filter will protect what goes into the softener as well as our RV.

    I enjoy how well it's working... So nice to have soft water for a Shower... the walls of the shower shows it was a worth while purchase... they nearly dry spot free.

    We now find the taste of our water to be consistant. My Coffee now tastes the same in each state we've been in.... Karen has stopped buying her occasional bottled water and now enjoys the taste of tap water.

    I bought this with thoughts of the water we had in Arizona... it left spots on all the faucets and the shower walls... Made bad coffee... and generally was hard to drink. This Softener along with a pre-filter for taste and the big particles that flow in some water supplies... should help the problem. If I find it's not quite enough I will add one more filter so I can have two seperate types of cartridges.

    Easy to re-charge... one box of table salt... unscrew the top with the water supply off... dump in the salt... let it set for 15 minutes... then flush the salt out of the Softener by flowing a pencil stream of water into the drain... for 15 minutes time. Our use so far has required this only once a Month.


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