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Thread: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

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    Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    It is time to do a little bit of a critique on the New Big Horn Titanium after living in for a month now and towing it 2500 kms.

    It looks to us that Heartland has taken a great product and improved upon it.

    Let me start off by saying that this is the first Titanium that we have ever owned that I didn't have to make any repairs (knocking on wood now)

    The towing experience has improved over the previous models of the Titanium's that we have owned. I believe this can be attributed to the addition of shock absorbers with the Dexter EZ-Flex suspension system. The ride when you hit a depression at the end of a bridge is smoother. I feel much less movement in both the truck and trailer.

    The braking system is the old standard electric drum brakes which are adequate, but I would still prefer to have the EOH braking system used by Glendale on later models.

    The front landing legs are now Hydraulic as opposed to the electric used by Glendale. I really like this system. It takes about 5 seconds to raise the trailer off the truck. The legs are self seeking meaning that one leg will extend first and make contact with the ground and then stop, the other leg will then extend and make contact and then both legs will extend evenly. The landing legs have much larger pads and boards are probably not required on softer ground.

    The basement compartment doors on the side are the slam type similar to what you see on a motor home. This is a huge improvement over the standard doors with the twist latch system. The unit that we have still has the old style door on the front of the basement. Access to the basement is somewhat restricted because of the hydraulic system, however this is being worked on. The basement compartment is divided with the front compartment designed for a generator, It is an excellent space to store a barbecue or folding bicycles. It does not have the sub-floor making it a deeper space.

    My favorite outside option is the power cord reel. It winds up the cord in below freezing temps, No more wrestling with a cord that is almost impossible to store when temps are below freezing.

    Now to the interior.
    We have some great improvements and some that need to be changed. They have done an excellent job on the fit an finish. Real wood has been used in cabinet framing. The overhead cabinets above the dining table and sofa have a 12" wide opening, you can now store fairly large items in these cabinets, the doors are equipped with struts to keep them open. The rear overhead cabinet doors are the same.

    The Kitchen counters are solid surface similar to Corian. The cabinet storage space is adequate, however more space would be an improvement. We have been told that an extra bank of cabinet will be installed under the Kitchen counter, this will also add extra counter space.

    The pantry has slide out system with baskets in both the lower and uppers section. A fantastic fan is installed in the kitchen.

    Also the old florescent lights have been replaced with halogen fixtures, very nice.

    The steps leading to the bedroom/bathroom are three steps instead of two bring the steps to a normal height. The bottom step has a built in sweep for the central vac.

    The bathroom is almost identical to any of the SA model Titanium's built by Glendale. The shower stall is a different design and is a little smaller in size than the shower used by Glendale. There is also no step at the ensuite bathroom access.

    The bedroom closet was built with an angle on the interior slide with the portion of the closet nearest the bathroom being about 8" deeper. This makes the entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom narrow. This is being worked on and will possibly revert back to the same design as used by Glendale. The Wardrobe space for hanging clothes is small and once again this is being worked on and will probably end up being something similar to one of the later model Titanium's. The bedroom does have a power fan like the standard bathroom fan.

    The aerial for the tv is in the bedroom making it easier to reach for set up.

    That about covers it for now, in a nut shell, Heartland have done an excellent job so far and I am sure the production models will have more improvements. Sharon and I look forward to a bright future with the Titanium Edition form Big Horn

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we will do our best to answer.
    Tony & Sharon Lane, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. 08 F350 Lariat SD 4X4 6.4 PSD, Crewcab, TowBoss, Tow Command, 4:30 rear end. 2011 Big Horn, Titanium Edition BH Ti32.

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    Tony & Sharon, Thanks for the report. It's good to hear that Heartland is continuing to provide a great RV.
    Ray & Lin
    R.I.P. Suzi
    R.I.P Bart

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    Looking forward to hearing more on your experiences with this beaut.
    2008 Dodge 3500 MegaCab
    Laramie 4x4 6.7L CTD 6A 3.73
    2011 Bighorn 3410RE
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    "I have travelled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all!" . . . . . . . Alexander Graham Bell

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    It appears to me that the paint job is a major draw Maybe the paint scheme could be an option on other Heartlands? I know if this had been available, I'm have looked at it REAL hard in lieu of my 3055RL.

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    We have just purchased a new 2011 BH32TI. We used to own a Dutchmen 27 TT. The BH is nice, a completely different experience than the Dutchmen. But... quality control is poor. Nice cabinets but the hinges and latches were all out of adjustment. Nice light fixtures, but fittings are loose. Interior ceiling trim is poor fit and buckled.
    Stopper in bathroom sink not hooked up correctly. All of the tv coax and the sat cable fittings were loose, obviously no-one checked that at the factory or dealer. Do not even try to figure out the connections at the UDC for the satellite. First the labels were wrong, which did not help while trying to fix the bad connections. The dealers labels did not match the UDC label and both were wrong. A common problem says the dealer technician.
    To make matters worse a lot of the machine head screws for panels/fittings etc are rounded down by the factory techs who were in too much of a hurry. The first problem in trying to fix things should not be fighting with these screws. Where are all the manuals??
    Say what you want about Dutchmen but none of these things popped up.
    Can't wait until I get it all fixed. The dealer is going to have to replace the tv coax from the B/R to the Ent centre but I've been fixing all the other stuff.

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    Tony, we have thought about the BH32TI as a possible candidate for our full-time rig, but the one we saw at Goshen had a major drawback for us, or at least it seems to. There was very little room between the bed and the curbside wall, and it seemed that making the bed would be quite difficult. I'm 5'6" and DW is just shy of 6'. Were you at the Rally? If so, did you look at the one on display?
    David, kb0zke

    2011 mpg 181 (sold)
    1993 Foretravel U300 40'

    2011 Goshen Rally
    2011 MO Chapter Rally, Branson

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    Re: Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    It is too tight. We are 5'9" and 5'4" with no physical issues, lots of yoga, and the curb side is too challenging.

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