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Thread: 2011 GMC Hitch Recomendation

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    2011 GMC Hitch Recomendation

    Hi Cookie this is Bill the other half of Barb, Last year We hitch had the red 2007 Dodge Mega Cab with the short bed and was using a Husky 16K 4-way swivel Hitch. Because of the way the RV is designed with the 88% front-end no slider was needed and never had a problem. I just traded for a 2011 3500 GMC crew cab srw short bed 6.9' could you recomend a hitch that might be better suited for the new truck, I believe the same hitch should work without slider. RV is 2011 3450TS
    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Be easy on me, this is my first post.

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    Re: 2011 GMC Hitch Recomendation

    I am looking for a recommendation as well. I have been looking at the B and W companion. Has gotten great reviews. we just purchased the 2011 3650 and am awaiting delivery. Let me know what you find out.

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    Re: 2011 GMC Hitch Recomendation

    Hi guys,
    I have had a slider hitch for many years now and I have never used it. Really do not need it especially on a Heartland product. Don't waste your money on a slider.

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    Re: 2011 GMC Hitch Recomendation

    Bill, since we do have the same basic floor plan I can say that what I have would work for you. Truck is different but both are short bed. I have a Curt Q5 20K non slider hitch. I do like it. There are a bunch of different hitches out there so I can only comment on what I have. I am sure others like their setup as well. Depending on what brand you get I would however get one a little larger than 16K. Just my opinion.
    I did move your post to the Trailer Hitches and Pin Boxes section of the forum.

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