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Thread: RVing for Dummies

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    RVing for Dummies

    I know Al and I are making it way more difficult than it needs to be so we just signed up for the Goshen Rally and would sure appreciate some 'hands on tutoring' for hooking up, disconnecting and leveling. That's providing we get there in one piece!'s like watching Lucy and Ricky Ricardo!

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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    There will be plenty of us at the rally to help you with that. There is also a large parking lot to practice in if you like.

    See you at the rally,
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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    We are soooooo ready to pick the brains of all you experts!

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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    Hi Deb and Al.

    If you are looking for written informtion (some prefer doing!), there are some detailed checklists that can be used to make one for yourselves. Sometimes these "checklists" help those new to RVing work through all the steps and remove the stress of first timing and forgetting something...

    Heres one link I just googled; others may chime in with their own suggestions..... -->
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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    DebnAl, just let us know when you plan to arrive so we can have our refreshments and lawn chairs set up and ready for the show. Just kidding.
    Like Mark said there will be plenty of people there and ready to assist you. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
    See you there.

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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    The best thing that could happen to you guy's is if all the good hearted people would get away from you and let you do it by yourself's ! That way there are no nerve's involved with people watching you ! I know what I'm doing when I'm setting up and a group of people, bless their heart's, telling me different thing's kinda make's it worse !

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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    Where in Indiana are you Deb & Al? We live near Columbus, but we are hosting a camping rally in Bristol (near Goshen) the weekend of May 13-14. We'd be happy to give you some hands-on advice if you want to attend.
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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    Anyone who says they didn't struggle with it the first time or two, or more, probably has Pinocchio for a middle name. Even so, now that we know, we can set up some grandstands and sell tickets for the show. Maybe call it "Parking with the Stars."
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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    Thanks Dave, I'm sure it will be a 3 ring circus! Looking forward to some much needed assistance tho.

    1231ChaseB, I guess we'll just have to handle all the 'gaukers and the talkers".

    kkamshop, oooh that would be nice! I will see what we have going on. I'll run that by 'Ricky". We are in Valparaiso.

    JohnDar, hmmmm, yes our circus needs a clown.

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    Re: RVing for Dummies

    Quote Originally Posted by cookie View Post
    DebnAl, just let us know when you plan to arrive so we can have our refreshments and lawn chairs set up and ready for the show. Just kidding.

    Dave, your joke about that really makes me laugh. Reminds me of the first time I ever backed a 5th wheel into a campsite. I always did fine backing in our previous 27' travel trailer toy hauler, but backing in a 37' toy hauler 5th wheel was completely different! Before my show was over, there were about 12 golf carts stopped with folks drinking their beer and smiling. People at nearby sites, turned their chairs around or moved them for a better view of the " backing in " show. One guy was grilling at his site and moved his grill, while cooking, to get a better view of the scene. And, there were 4 people (2 by the truck windows--2 by lovely wife behind camper) all giving different steering directions to me. What a magical moment to remember
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