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Thread: No more open shelving

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    No more open shelving

    Our '10 NC 30FKS has a couple open shelves above the microwave and refrigerator. These are ideal spots for the small appliances, but not practical during traveling. I discovered that the opening above the microwave was identical in size to the spaces above the sofa/dinette areas, which have the lift up doors with glass inserts. I called Heartland's parts dept. and ordered the same door, knob, and hardware as those over the sofa to create a usuable storage area there. Couldn't the factory have done the same? I then went to a Restore in Elkhart where many of the RV factories donated disco's & seconds, and picked up two small doors to utilize over the refrigerator. Wow, I now have more storage in my kitchen than I have things to fill it with! I don't believe these couple of door installations added more than 5-7 additional pounds to the trailer, so I would like the designers at Heartland to consider these type of extra storage gains when planning the cabinetry layouts. I would also like to suggest a pull out drawer below the left side countertop instead of the shallow well space currently there. I will be having a cabinet maker construct a drawer to fit that area - ideal for linens, large utensils, etc.
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    Re: No more open shelving

    Good point. An open shelf in a RV is like a loaded rocket launcher when you're on the road.
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    Re: No more open shelving

    We put down shelf liner and then put small stuff in boxes to stay in the doorless cabinets. Ours has a little lip, so the boxes can't slide out - even if they could move against the shelf liner. We also use those spaces for foil and plastic wrap - keeps 'em handy.
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    Re: No more open shelving

    I was just reading your posts! WE had the same issue.. the space over the refrigerator is huge! But we HATED them open we ordered a door for over the fridge. I use a spring rod over the microwave but I never thought to measure the overhead doors over the sofa to see if ours were the same! I will definitely be doing the same thing I hate seeing the bread and such in that space!
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    Re: No more open shelving

    I have noticed it gets very warm above the fridge. I am curious if this is left open on purpose. I have never had a enclosed space above the fridge in any of the Rv's I have ever owned.

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    Re: No more open shelving

    We've never had a problem with it since it has been closed. I do go in and out of that space frequently. I haven't noticed any significant difference in temperature since adding the door. I keep the foil, plastic wrap and cereal Canisters up there.
    Rob and Donna Winkler
    Our kids Michelle 24 and Robbie 7
    Chloe Chihuahua- Buddy ChiWeenie
    And Spike Chihuahua

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