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Thread: Weak Ladder Mounts

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    Weak Ladder Mounts

    We're just buying a 2011 Big Country 3250. Has anyone had issues with the strength of the ladder mounting system? I went to climb the ladder to see what the roof line looked like and was concerned with the amount of movement in the ladder. Without further investigation it appears that the mounting brackets for the ladder are screwed into the ABS plastic end cap. I plan to make trips up and down regularly to maintain the roof and don't want my meager 240# causing cracks and/or failure to the unit.


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    Re: Weak Ladder Mounts

    Mike, I have a friend who just ordered a new Big Horn and he said the same thing. It seems the factory is using a different ladder so maybe you should contact the customer service with your concerns.
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    Re: Weak Ladder Mounts

    The ladder is supposedly rated for 300 lbs. max. What the mountings are rated for is unknown. But so far, my 165 lbs. hasn't affected it, and I use it a lot.
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