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Thread: Curtains?

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    Has anyone figured out a way to put curtains on the windows? Especially since the cornices angle at one end. I cut some reflectix insulation for the curved section of the windows and will probably do so for the rectangular part also as it will help keep out the heat in summer and cold in winter. However, I would like to have something a little more attractive. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.

    p.s. - Our shakedown trip is tomorrow to Pinehurst, NC.

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    Re: Curtains?

    We have put up curtains using expandable (twist out) curtain rods. Works great.
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    Re: Curtains?

    We have fitted curtains all the way through our rig. We removed all the pelmets, rods and venetians and started fresh. We fitted conventional curtain tracks to the walls using metal self driving plasterboard anchors which could be screwed into the wallboard. I used a pilot hole first, it made it easier to screw them in. The curtains cover the whole width of the window and they ar<img src="//;stc=1" attachmentid="0" alt="" id="vbattach_0" class="previewthumb">e a lot easier to use than the venetians and night/day blinds. <br>
    We fitted the tracks longer than the windows to allow overhang so the whole window is covered and the height of the tracks is high enough to allow for the curtain header. They look really good just like home. If you want me to post some more photos just let me know.<br>
    Cheers Paul
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