This week the dieselengineer and I will say goodbye to Pennsylvania. We are closing on our home up here today...and closing on our new home in Milford, DE on Thursday. I will still be teaching here another week, but after a vacation trip to Florida (Dec 9th we head to Orlando) we will be full time residents of Delaware. We have been living in the Big Horn since Oct 29th and it has been a very good experience, even through the 8" of snow we got that day! (but I still say no to full timing!)...we have been cozy and warm enough (thanks to the mild temps up here too!)...aside from rainy days which made a lot of mud here in the campground...the stay has been good.

Looking forward to getting settled in DE (we bought a solar home!) but it will be a very busy couple of months ahead till we are finished moving everything. Just making plans to get all our vehicles down there has been a real brain strain!!

We are happy to join the other 2 Heartland owners in the First State!