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Thread: Nice Door Window Mod:

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    Nice Door Window Mod:

    Here's a nice Rectangular Door window mod "Larry" did to his rpod, but could easily work on the MPG too:

    Looks like it would add a lot of additional light.
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    Re: Nice Door Window Mod:

    We checked into having a window added by the dealership where we'll be storing our new 183. With no windows in the bunk end, we really want a little more light from the outside. But they estimated about $500 to do the job! We're leery about a do-it-yourself approach for fear of creating a spot for water leaks. I guess it's time to shop around in hopes of a better deal.

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    Re: Nice Door Window Mod:

    You might be able to buy a complete door with window for less. Check around at the various parts dealers.
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    Re: Nice Door Window Mod:

    When we picked up our new 183 the dealer explained how to install a door window. Sounds pretty simple. I can't imagine what the service crew at our storage place would do to run up a $500 charge. We're now planning to install a window ourselves. We'd also like to add at least a porthole-style window in the bunk area, but are more reluctant to do it ourselves b/c it involves disturbing the integrity of the exterior shell. If we mess up the door window, at least we can buy a new door, but if we damage the shell, not such an easy fix.

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    Re: Nice Door Window Mod:

    Just ordered 2 windows for my 181. A 14x16x1.5" for the door and a 21x14x1 for the dinette drivers side. I'll do the door mod first on MountainTops theory that if I mess it up it's easier to repair. If it all works I'll post some photos.

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