I am in a campground in Rockport TX. Was riding around and saw this 5th wheel. I have never seen one before. Silverado Bighorn.

IMG_0521 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0522 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0523 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0524 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0525 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0526 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0527 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0528 [1024x768].JPG

IMG_0529 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0530 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0531 [1024x768].JPG IMG_0532 [1024x768].JPG

This thing is 41 feet plus long. I don't know how they got it into the site. Would really like to see the inside.