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Thread: Trailer Bounces a little

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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    I can't recall the brand, but got them at WalMart. The reason for 12 ton was to have in "case of emergency." We don't ever want to find out what would need a 12 ton jack, but if we do, we have two. . We do like John does, using our orange levelng pads, we get the jack close to the rig so not too much extension needed.

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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    I've got a 12 ton and a 6 ton bottle jack in my truck box, in case of "emergency."
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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    I have installed 2 7500lbs scissor jacks behind the trailer wheels. They can lift the trailer on one side, but due to bearings on the. Jack screw the jacks will drop if they are cranked to thight. So I only use them for preventing spring movement. Shocks installed at the proper angle also have stabilized the center of the trailer, but the jacks have sealed the deal.
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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    I think you could purchase every RV bounce reducer on the market and still get movement.As long as the tires are on the ground you will get some bounce.

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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    We used two 7500lbs scissor jacks on our SOB. That rig didn't move in the high winds and when we walked around. Since we only had our NT out one time since we bought it I'll have to see what happens with more use. I may just buy some more and install them by the tires.
    Peter and Liane

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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    Does anyone have any experience with using a king-pin tripod to help with the side to side sway? Front to back we seem fine.
    Thanks in advance- Susan

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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    Quote Originally Posted by smildrum View Post
    Does anyone have any experience with using a king-pin tripod to help with the side to side sway? Front to back we seem fine.
    Thanks in advance- Susan
    Don't waste your money !! Get some JT stabilizers and good wheel chocks like Roto-chocks.
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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    I would not spend the money for the kingpin tripod. We have tried that route. The Ultra-Fab Eliminators or JTs suggested in JohnDar's post #2 is a much better option. They do a much better job than a kingpin tripod. I will be removing a set that I will sell from our current unit as we have a new unit ordered with the Level-up system and will have no use for them.
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    Re: Trailer Bounces a little

    Just installed the JT's on my 2009 Bighorn 3670RL tonight. Wow, what a difference. Tried the Kingpin jack first, that's useles IMHO. Save your time and money and purchase the JT's. DW and I tried to make the trailer move by walking side to side and front to rear. Couldn't do it. They are awesome. Best money spent (This year). Best last year was the independantly operated, 6k lb landing gear from Ultra Fab that were a little "Looser" than the original Lipperts. JT's took all the looseness completely out! Worth every penny.
    Bill and Barb
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