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Thread: Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

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    NE Reg Dir Retired dbylinski's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    USA - FL

    Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

    We would like to send out a welcome to our newest Northeast Region members. Nick and Judy (nickjudy) from Clifton, NJ #2139.

    Debbie Bylinski
    Florida Chapter
    HOC # 1135
    Northeast Region Director Retired

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    Re: Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

    Welcome Nick and Judy to the club (from the DE chapter leaders, your neighbors to the south).

    Hope to see you soon!

    Owner #1015

    Happily married to the Dieselengineer for 11 years.
    11 interesting years.

    2009-2011 PA Chapter Leader
    2011-2012 DE Chapter Leader

    2009- National Rally, Goshen, IN; PA Rally (chapter leaders)
    2010- NJ rally; PA Rally (chapter leaders, 2nd annual); National Rally, Nashville, TN; NYS rally; VA rally; Hershey RV show, (Coordinator, Owner's table); Not Really a Rally, Rally Pine Grove, PA.
    2011- NJ rally; PA rally (chapter leaders, 3rd annual); North American Rally, Goshen, IN; 5-stater rally, DE; Hershey RV show, (Coordinator, owner's table); Bath, NYS rally.
    2012- DE camp-out April 27-29, VA Rally Virginia Beach, PA rally, NYS rally, Hershey RV show, Inaugural DE rally Oct 6-8th.
    2013- Just Goshen, June.

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    Past New Jersey Chapter Leader
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    May 2010
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    Re: Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

    Welcome and we hope you got the email with all the local rally links in it. You will sure enjoy the company and meet many new friends.

    tom & mary
    Tom and Mary Steib

    RIP _ Snowball the Cat 1/21/2013

    2011 Greystone 32RL
    2010 NJ Rally
    2011 Heartland Regional Rally Cherokee, NC, Delaware 5 State Rally
    2012 Gillette National Rally, WY, NJ and NE Region Rallies
    2013 NJ Rally
    Past NJ Chapter Leaders

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    New Jersey Chapter Leader-retired iforget's Avatar
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    Re: Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

    Nick and Judy, we look forward to meeting you soon so we can welcome you in person.
    Debbie Clause
    Wall NJ

    Current Traveling Companions:

    "MOLLY" ( Rescued Golden Retriever who had 5 homes before she was 1 yr old.)
    "REGIS" Our newest Golden addition
    "GUNGY Blue Persian

    RIP My Golden Girl Misty, Dearest Cagney Macaw, Carrie Girl she stole our hearts and Lacey who started it all.
    Proud Member of Golden Friends Rescue
    Goldstock "Woodstock for Golden Lovers"

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    New York Chapter Leader - retired Rottiesmom's Avatar
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    Re: Welcome to our newest NJ Club Member

    Welcome Nick and Judy to the Heartland family hope to meet you at a rally or two
    Wonderful Husband "Jim" aka Murry135

    My Hanna (RIP) and Samson (RIP) - My two mushball Rotties

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