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Thread: Toy hauler pull down screen

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    Toy hauler pull down screen

    Our cyclone 3800 has a screen at the rear that pulls down. It has a magnet type latch that will not hold the screen there an adjustment or fix for this?


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    Re: Toy hauler pull down screen

    I added a wedged floor add on to give the DW's sewing room a flat area (her toys) and screwed down some large fender washers. They were not parallel to the magnets on the screen and did not stick. I loosened the screw a touch and now they stick. Give that a try

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    Re: Toy hauler pull down screen

    My dealer asked me about this last week when I was in. He had someone bring one in with this problem (mine works fine). I think the tension on the screen was too high, and they were able to adjust it.

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