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Thread: Propane leaking from the regulator

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    Propane leaking from the regulator

    Hey all,
    So I have a propane leak from the regulater. There is a small hole that is on the bottom of the round part of the reulator that looks like it is actually supposed to be there but I have propane leaking from it. Is this like a pressure relief hole or something? I just bought this trailer this year and was on our 3rd outing when I could smell propane so I went sniffing around and opened up the outside propane door and I could hear it coming out so I started feeling around when I felt where it was coming from and was shocked to see that it was from that hole. I shut it down and flipped over to the other tank and everything is fine now but it drained that tank dry. I went and filled it back full and tried it again but it is still leaking.
    Any ideas, I'm stumped.

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    Re: Propane leaking from the regulator

    Hi Burtonair01,

    It sounds like you need a new regulator. The good news is that it's very easy to replace and is inexpensive. If you're still under warranty, you can take it to your dealer and they ought to be able to fix this in 15 minutes at Heartland's expense.

    If you prefer to do it yourself and you're comfortable working on LP fixtures, a new regulator is probably less than $15. Use LP pipe tape to seal the threads, and after completing the work, test to make sure it's not leaking. I usually use soapy water to see if there are bubbles.

    Regulators are available at any RV dealer. If you take the old one with you, you'll only make 1 trip.

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    Re: Propane leaking from the regulator

    Thank you sir, I will do that asap! Headed to West Yellowstone tonight so after work that will be the 1st thing I do!!

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