I finally put on my new Steadyfast stabilizers today. Took me about 4.5 hours. I spent a lot of time pre-building everything. With my Greystone 33CK I didn't have many options due to battery box, propane line, and spare tire. I had to install the foot on the passenger side due to the propane line on the other side. That meant that I had to put the locking bracket in front of the landing gear due to the spare tire. There was room, but I had to rotate the locking bracket 180 degrees. Everything is working great. I have three giant screw handles to tighten and then I'm steady.

I was really impressed with the quality of the hardware with this product. I'll report back after my trip to the U.P.

Pics below:

IMAG2596 (1280x765).jpgIMAG2597 (1280x765).jpgIMAG2599 (1280x765).jpgIMAG2598 (1280x765).jpgIMAG2600 (1280x765).jpg