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Thread: M22 Roof Cleaning

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    M22 Roof Cleaning

    Is the exterior roof surface and subsurface of the M-22 sturdy enough to walk on in order to perform regular maintenance such as cleaning? I was on a ladder the other day washing the roof proper with a long handled brush / water hose combination device and after having moved the ladder for the fifth or sixth time in order to reposition myself and the hose I began to wonder about walking around on top instead of trying to reach across from multiple points. I weigh 170#. Granted, I could find out hard way and find myself with one (or both) legs sticking thru a ruptured shell into the coach all the while listening to DW say 'I told you so'; but figured I would try the path of least resistance here first........any and all comments welcomed on the topic.

    Thanks in advance.
    Scott & DeWaun, traveling with
    2 Corgis and 1 slighty brain damaged Husky mix.

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    Re: M22 Roof Cleaning

    I have been up on the roof of my M21 a few times to check the vents, caulk front and rear caps, work on the AC unit, and you can clearly see the curved roof joists every couple of feet between the walls, at least on mine the roof sags very slightly between the joists making their location obvious.

    Given the slightlhy visible sag between the joists, it does not look like standing with all your weight in two small point areas is a very good idea on an Edge. in particular between the joists. I always try to crawl around on hands and knees to better spread out my weight.

    There was another thread discussing the Edge roof construction: membrane, 3/16 plywood, foam, 3/16 plywood and then the interior finish layer Every so often there is a joist running from side wall to side wall. This is all manufactured as a sandwich at the factory improving its strength.

    If you stood on the roof you would not go thru but you might leave some indents - if you did this at the exact center you might create one in just the right spot to create a place where whater could stand. Most of the roof has a good curve towards the walls so that even if you created an indent no water could stand.

    One more thing - BE SURE to that you dont have anything that can damage the membrane on your shoes, or anything else that is going to contact the roof (like rings or watches with sharp things on them) when you are up there

    My two cents.
    2011 Heartland Edge M21
    Manhattan, Kansas, USA

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    Re: M22 Roof Cleaning

    Good advice!
    Thank you.
    Scott & DeWaun, traveling with
    2 Corgis and 1 slighty brain damaged Husky mix.

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    Re: M22 Roof Cleaning

    Well, I had the same experience you did, got tired of trying to work off a ladder. I took off my shoes (bare feet) and walked on the roof...but only around the outside edge. I weigh in at 300lbs and felt I may have been taking a bit of a chance, so watched closely and took it cool in the beginning to see how the roof would react... everything worked out ok and I got the roof cleaner than I was hanging off a ladder. Just my two cents...

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