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Thread: Cover? No Cover?

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    Cover? No Cover?

    We have a Bighorn 3670 and contemplating buying a ADCO cover. I've heard several anecdotal examples of success and failure of protecting RVs when using this type of cover. In particular, some users have complained about stress points easily tearing the cover and some examples of covers doing permanent damage to rubber roofs and other roof features, such as vents, etc. So, I decided to take a scientific approach--in this, and election year--and get an opinion as to whether or not in makes sense to spend $400, or so, for a cover. I will of course factor in the customary 2% margin of error. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    I had a cover on a Class C. Might have been my fault but I thought I had it pretty secure. During the winter and several windy blizzards, I found torn corner on the cover. No real damage to the RV but I only was able to get 2 winters out of the cover. Never had one since then. (1995)
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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    I use a cover but it is not subject to a lot of wind. Couple of small tears in lower corners but this is the second trailer I have been using it on. We have a huge oak tree and the tannins in the leaves do a wonderful job of staining the roof. Cover saves a lot of cleaning in the spring. Old trailer did not show any wear due to the cover and used only last winter on this one with no wear showing.

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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    We're about 1/2 time so ours is never on the storage lot for very long.

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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    I bought a high dollar cover for my last SOB 5th wheel and found I hardly ever used it. Think I had it on 3 times.

    It was a hassel to install (65 lbs), so I found myself rationalizing"well lets see, I'm going back out in a week, a month", whatever, so I would leave it off.

    I had used the cheaper lighter weight paper-like covers on previous rigs and no matter what the mfgr says, they last about a year if you live anywhere with wind and/or sun.

    IMHO, if you are storing your rig for maybe 6 months or more at a time, it may be worth the time and effort use a good cover. Otherwise I would not recommend it.

    Under no circumstances would I recommend puchasing the aforementioned cheap lightweight type covers, They just don't last. Trace
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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    We had a Carter cover for our travel trailer (5-yr warranty) for the three years we owned it. We're in the Chicago suburbs and it protected the TT well with no damage to the TT. Had to send the cover in for warranty repair due to zipper failure in one panel. After three seasons the cover, although a bit dirty, was in like new condition. Although in a storage yard I check the trailer every week or so.

    Yesterday we installed an ADCO cover on our 3585. The material is thinner then Carter, the warranty shorter and the cost lower (you get what you pay for?? ). Except for the confusing way they rolled it up after manufacturing it was relatively easy to install. They have a much better system of straps then Carter to secure the cover - I believe 8 under the trailer and a number in the front and rear to take up slack. I won't have the zipper problem I had with the Carter because of the straps. I also take foam pipe material and pad the rain downspouts and other protruding objects. I use the same material, secured with painter's blue tape, to sharp corners on the bottom - such as the corners of the slide-outs. They warn about not making it too tight. First time installation of a new cover took about 90 minutes. Once I roll it up 'correctly' re-installation should be 30 minutes, with take-down about the same.
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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    My decision is partly based on knowing that I will not be keeping this rig beyong 3 to 5 years, the time better used to clean / wax the exterior, and finally, the extreme weather and ice rendering most fabrics to shreds.

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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    I have the ADCO cover and like others in the past it caused some damage. I noticed that there were stress points on the rubber roof where the cover was almost rubbing a hole in the roof. I do like the idea of protecting the rig but between the potential serious issue with the roof and the hassle of dragging it up on the roof and putting it on, I haven't had it back on after that first time.
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    Re: Cover? No Cover?

    With the wind and extreme cold wet weather I store my 5th wheel for the four month it is not in use. It cost me $45.00 a month. From what I'm reading on this and other forms a good cover will last three years. So storage for 3 years is $540.00 which is about what a good cover would cost.

    If my storage cost increase signification, I'll re-consider.

    Of course it would be much nicer to head South for those four months and avoid storage altogether.
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    Cover? No Cover?

    We have heard from a couple of owners that the covers caused mold and the decals to lift & peel. We just bought a Cyclone 3800 and will have to store it for at least 3-4 months in winter weather so we're debating ordering a custom cover since it's 44' but don't want to waste the money, time & effort if it's just going to cause mold & damage. Anyone have this happen?

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