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Thread: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

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    Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    Well maybe not shrinking, but it is disappearing down into the door frame There is now a 1" open space at the top as you can see from the pics. We just got home last week from the servicing dealership up in Vegas and I don't want to drive back up now.

    Anyone have this situation happen before?
    Before I take all the screws out I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any ideas as to what is behind the 2" rubber molding on the inside of the door? and just what the fix would be.
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    Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    The glass is sandwiched between the outer and inner frames. There are small pegs that position the glass in location. It looks like the bottom ones may have failed somehow. If out of warranty, you can order a new frame or possibly find at a RV parts store, by itself. Be careful loosening the screws as the glass may slide more and fall.

    What we discovered is that it's easier to install the window if the glass is siliconed in place before trying to put it in the door. You can silicone the glass to the outside frame lying flat, wait till it dries, then install.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    Tony, If I understand you correctly the glass is installed in a frame, which is then installed in the door?
    The rig is still under warranty but we live 200 miles from where we purchased it. I think I'll call Heartland on Monday as see what the repair will involve. I'd rather do it myself than drive 400 miles roundtrip.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    The glass frame is an easy fix. Just make sure that you have someone to hold the glass when you remove the inside frame. In saying remove the inside frame 1st....remove the glass and then the outside. When reinstalling the outside frame....the glass is glued to the frame with silicone and dry 1st as Tony stated. If you talk nice HL service they just might mail you one. BTW, before you install either frame....paint them with white Krylone paint....will never turn yellow again.
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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    It's a pretty simple thing to remove the frame and glass and replace the glass, but if the pegs holding it into the frame have failed, Heartland should send you a new frame. I replaced my glass with a clear safety glass which we love.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    Thanks Folks, I'll call Heartland on Monday. MTPockets I like that idea of replacing the glass with something a little more individualistic (?)

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    This happened on my previous (SOB) trailer and I put a couple of little wood blocks in to support the glass. Worked fine for 5 years that I know of--that is when I traded it in on my 21 fbs.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    A suggestion. Don't call Heartland immediately. Take and remove the inside frame and glass. Have someone on the outside hold the frame and glass so they won't fall outside.

    I replaced mine and it is easy. Once you have it apart you can inspect it and inform Heartland about the problem you find. It may be a simple fix and no need to contact Heartland.


    I would also paint the frame while you have it out. If you don't it will yellow from the sun and you will have to work on it again.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    If the little supports on the "bottom" of the frame are broken,,, I think you could just turn it over and make the "top" the "bottom" till you get a new frame.

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    Re: Help entry door window is shrinking!!

    Jim M. Excellent suggestion, sure looks like that will work for the interim. The boss and I dismantled the window this morning and found the hard plastic has melted on the bottom due to the weight of the glass resting on the plastic supports. Being BLACK plastic and the heat in Nevada and Arizona didn't help much. The frame is now permanently molded to the shape it's in.
    Hopefully Heartland will step up and replace the plastic frame, which I will immediately paint white.
    Thanks to all for the suggestions and support.

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