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Thread: We are considering a Cyclone 3110

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    We are considering a Cyclone 3110

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. We are considering a 3110, we like the layout. Are you happy with your 3110?...What tow vehicle are you towing the 3110 with?

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    Re: We are considering a Cyclone 3110

    I have a 3110 on order, and the layout was the reason behind the decision. I don't yet have a TV, but you'll definitely need a DRW, as Heartland says the dry weight is almost 13,000 lbs, and max loaded weight is 16,500. You'll be over the gross combined weight without a dually. I'm leaning towards the new Ford F350's, but Ram is coming out with newly revised models in January. So I need to be patient .

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    Re: We are considering a Cyclone 3110

    We just picked our 3110 up in November and love it. The GVRW on ours is listed at 16000 - we pull it wiht a 1 tin deisel Chevy SRW.

    Good luck and if you buy it you will be happy, spent a couple nights in our already and wow is an understatement.


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