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Thread: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

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    Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    Hi All,

    We are very close to getting a 4000 Elite. The models at the dealers in Texas do not include the so-called Artic package. My wife works outside the RV but is off during summer and some in the other parts of the year. I have a job that I can work from within the RV. We have been living together in a 2008 Carriage Cameo since we were married back in August. We're doing great but I work at a desk with various computers. So We thought to put a desk in the garage and separate work from home would be ideal. We also love the idea of the ramp being used as a deck.

    What are your opinions of the Cyclone 4000' quality to last as a Full time unit. BTW, we don't have any toys in the classic sense but I will be bringing a couple of my telescopes places periodically. Where we are based, I have a storage room to keep items in and load in the RV for specific remote camping trips.

    I like the generator to be out in the country more as long as some kind of cell signal from AT&T or Verizon.

    But will it be durable? Will us walking on it each day cause the flooring beams to fail? Without the artic package, can it take periodic extremes in temperatures? We live in Texas but don't travel to snow areas very rarely in the RV itself.

    Thoughts are appreciated.



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    Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    Hey Tim,

    Welcome, another Texan! Since I don't have a Cyclone I can't answer your question specifically. We have traveled in our ElkRidge to colder climes, and "stock" we did not have issues until the temps got below the 20s. We have since done some mods to make our rig more winter worthy (adding tank and pipe heaters).

    Something to remember, you don't have to settle for what is in stock. Ant dealer can order a unit from the factory with the features you want. Being in Texas, you might consider the dual-pane windows (for the heat). And for sure a second ac, but possibly in the garage area, rather than the bedroom.

    I'm sure many Cyclone owners will chime in soon.

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    Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    Hi Tim,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and hopefully to the family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

    There are a lot of folks using the Cyclone like your thinking of doing. I'm sure some will be giving you their thoughts soon.

    I will move this to the Cyclone area also.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    We don't full-time, but have spent a couple winters snowbirding, and LOVE the garage for use as a workroom, storeroom, shop area when we're on the road. We do carry our Motorcycle back there, but unload whenever we're stopped for more than a day or so, and park it outside to keep the garage free. I agree it would be nice for full-timing to have extra insulation and a winterizing kit for cold weather, and a second AC unit in the garage (no need for it in the bedroom). I'd also get double pane windows for the same reasons.

    I doubt ANY RV is really built to the quality standard you'd expect of a house. So living aboard long-term is going to create issues eventually. But I think the Heartland units are as well built as any, so I'd say: "go for it"...

    Don & Sue Hutchins
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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    Quote Originally Posted by dbhutchins View Post
    I doubt ANY RV is really built to the quality standard you'd expect of a house.
    I've been in houses built a lot crappier than the RV's of today. That said, there are a few top quality RV's, and they are custom built. about 3-4 times what one would spend on a Heartland product.

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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    I'd get the Artic package without a doubt, you will need it and it is no way overkill. (you will want more than that fulltiming). IMO shop outside of Texas to get the best deal.
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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    This is not a rant against Heartland. Just stating my opinion like you asked.

    I wouldn't even consider full-timing in our Cyclone (370C). I truly don't feel it would last very long without having major issues. This also goes for Raptors, Voltages, etc. They just aren't made for it in my opinion.

    I respectfully disagree with dbhutchins. There are some toy haulers out there built far better than Heartlands but of course, they will cost you more as well. Look at Mongoose 9400s thread.

    Some higher end toy haulers are rated up to -10 degrees against freezing. Our 370C has a hard time staying warm on 40 degree nights. The heat pumps quite often and we oftentimes have to add space heaters to keep it comfortable.

    Again. This isn't a rant. Just an opinion from a Cyclone owner.
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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    As far as I know, the "artic package" consists of tank heaters only. You can add isulation using 2" hard foam to the plywood flooring in the underbelly. I did this and many others have also. It makes alot of difference. I did however. Add 2" flexable tubing to the 2" tubing that runs from the heater plenum into the underbelly and ran it along the frame rail and around the tanks to keep the water lines from freezing. I cut slits in the tubing about every 10". It takes sometime to do but not alot of money. The floor in the Horn stays very warm now and have never had water lines freeze. If you do buy and want me to guide you through this...send me a PM with your PH#...I can walk you though it.
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    Re: Opinions Wanted regarding Cyclone 4000 Elite for Full Timing

    Welcom from a Central Texas Cyclone owner. Being in Texas, you defenitely don't want to give up the AC unit in the bedroom. The ducts from the living room AC don't get enough air up there for our 90 degree nights. I read somewhere that you can order one with a 3rd AC unit for the garage. That would be my suggestion. I wish I had it in mine because I like to leave my dogs in there and it just gets too hot in the summer.
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