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Thread: Desert shoot-o-rama

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    Desert shoot-o-rama

    Went to the desert near Quartzsite over the long weekend with a few friends. We had some of those bleeding zombie targets and set up a pistol course through a wash to practise 'Mozambique' drills. Wasn't real impressed with the zombies, but it was kind of interesting shooting at 3D bodies instead of paper. Then we tried our Tannerite exploding targets with our rifles. Put out 2 half-pounders at about 80 yards and a one pounder at 200. DW got the first shots since she ordered them. First shot at the 80 yarder knocked it over and nothing. Next shot at the other 80 yarder got a small flash and a report like a cap gun. What the ? We were a little dissapointed. Then she shot at the one pounder and hit it on the third shot. All I can say is WOW!!! It exploded with a 5' fire ball, sent up a mushroom cloud about 20' and sent a deep, reverberating boom that rivaled professional fireworks. We all shot several more 1/2 and 1 lb targets with very impressive results. Checked the first two and found the first shot hit under in the sand and just knocked it over undamaged. Shot it again and it was again impressive. The second dud was apparently just grazed. Just enough to crack the plastic jar but not set off the explosion. All in all, we got in some good practise and really enjoyed the exploding targets. A little pricy but what a way to put some excitement in your practise.
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    Re: Desert shoot-o-rama

    Sounds like a fun day. Wish I was there. Maybe I will have to just take a ride out from San Diego soon.
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