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Thread: distance between tires

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    distance between tires

    We are looking into buying a set of rotochoks and I need to know the distance between the tires on the Landmark/Golden Gate or if someone using the product rotochoks tell us which size you purchased. Can someone help with this measurement? Our trailer is still at the dealer(still no truck).

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    I believe the axles and tires on the Mt. Rushmore to be the same as the Golden Gate. I don't have access to my trailer today but I did measure the tires for covers last weekend. My tires are 32" across (each) and 67" across overall. 67-(32+32) = 3" between the tires at the narrowest point. Also, if you give RotoChok a call, ask them to verify what size they sold to Cross County RV in Mattoon, IL in March of this year. My dealer ordered mine in for me at my request and they fit will.

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    Thanks Jim, we will contact rotochok.


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    I was making a pair of tire blocks today and discovered that the street side tires were 1" closer together than the other side. In measuring the frame height, the street side was 1/2" lower. When I jacked up the street side to make both the same height the tires came apart to the same distance.

    The springs are fixed on the far ends. Increasing the load will cause the axles to move toward each other as the springs flatten out.

    Measuring the distance between the tires might be one method to check the weight distribution of the unit.
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    The distance between the tires varies according to the stress you've put on them while parking. It's not constant.
    I use a pair of BAL chocks which I set between the tires and then expand to fit.
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