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Thread: Greystone 33CK Questions Pre-purchase

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    Greystone 33CK Questions Pre-purchase

    We are looking to buy a 2013 33CK out-of-state. (We can't find one here). After we buy it we plan to head East for a 4 month tour of the US. This means I have to get everything prepped before we go. I was wondering if someone can answer a few questions:

    #1 - I need the measurements of the bunks (we will have the Trundle set-up) so I can either get custom mattresses made...or reuse the ones we have currently in our TT.

    #2 - What are the dimensions (height - width) of the front room wardrobe area (where the w/d prep is located).

    #3 - what are the measurements of the area where the table/chair is located? We are thinking of changing that to something that is more "our" style.

    #4 - are the pillows on the couch removable? What are the sizes?

    #5 - the "stain" glass on the cabinets. What are they made of?

    Any other thoughts, tips, ideas for storage/modifications you would recommend for this? It's going to be my husband, me, 1 teen boy, 2 tween girls and 1 cat staying in here.

    Really excited about this floor plan AND making the switch from another brand to Heartland.


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    Re: Greystone 33CK Questions Pre-purchase

    Hi Taunya,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and hopefully soon, to the Heartland family.

    Your questions are great and you've posted them in the best place to get answers from others.

    While some readers here "may" have the 2013 floor plan you seek and can give you some measurements etc., I suggest that tomorrow, you also phone the factory (574-262-5992) and ask for the Big Country team. They should be able to do 2 things for you:
    1. Get the measurements and answers you seek
    2. Tell you where you can find this floorplan in dealer inventory

    Jim Beletti

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    Re: Greystone 33CK Questions Pre-purchase

    We just dropped ours off for some maint but as soon as we get it back i will post the measurments if no one else has.

    Kelly, Sara , Aaron
    2011 silverado, 2500HD LTZ Duramax
    2012 Greystone 33CK

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    Re: Greystone 33CK Questions Pre-purchase


    Thank you so much for the fast response! I will give them a call. We have found one that we just placed a reserve deposit on in Idaho! So excited. I think we're going to be happy Heartland owners.

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