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Thread: 2014 Bighorn BH3610re

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    2014 Bighorn BH3610re


    I have reviewed the countless posts in the factory forum regarding all the issues customers are having with their 5th wheels. I have recently ordered the above referenced model and I am worried I have made the wrong choice. Does anyone know if alot changes/corrections have been made to the newer models (i.e. bedroom slide water leaks, hose clamp leakage on water lines, frame concerns/cracks, Hydraulic issues with slides). I am starting to wonder if I made the right CHOICE. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


    Elmer G

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    Think of how many HL owners there are vs how many issues are discussed. Like any product be it a car or a boat or a house or an RV, there will be problems. It's how those problems are resolved that makes the difference. Many owners do not have any issues ever & never post. Some have a few issues here & there & post occasionally. Some have or feel they have big issues & post often. It seems like human nature to vent more than to post when all is good. I'll bet owners with no frustrations are having too much fun with their rig to take the time to tell everyone how happy they are.


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    Re: 2014 Bighorn BH3610re

    I think that you made the right choice.
    You gotta remember that when someone has a problem, the whole world is going to hear about it.
    But the many thousand that have no serious issues and are happy with their rig, we never hear about that.
    There are always changes and corrections at the plant. They listen to the customers and make those changes.
    Also remember that there are only a couple of frame and hydraulic suppliers. One frame supplier might be supplying the majority of frames to many RV builders.
    So those problems can happen no matter what brand you own.
    The important thing to remember is that Heartland will make it right.
    There are many repeat and threepeat Heartland owners. I am one of them.
    Oh, when you get your new rig, consider showing it off at the IL Chapter Rally in Chatham.

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    Re: 2014 Bighorn BH3610re


    19,000 members on this forum, of which only some are actually Heartland Owners - lets guess it's 10,000. I don't know the sales figures, but let's guess 100,000. So maybe 1 out of 10 have something to say on the forum, and of that, the vast majority are happy with their Heartland RV.

    And when you read about a problem, if you look closely, you'll find that same problem discussed in many posts, and sometimes in more than one thread. There's one particular problem I recall where there are probably 30 posts by the owner as the discussion progressed.

    The takeaway is that when you read about problems on this or any other forum, you have to weigh what you're reading or you'll end up with a very distorted view of what's really going on.

    Based on what I see here, the vast majority of Heartland owners will tell you they're happy with their trailers, and if they had problems, Heartland took care of them.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your Bighorn and if you have questions, there's a great bunch of people here who are quick to reach out with answers.

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