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Thread: Big Country News From Heartland!

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    Big Country News From Heartland!


    I know that many of you don't have facebook, so I am trying to share what Heartland RVs has been posting of NEW and EXCITING releases!

    New for Big Country!

    Pearl Exterior - STANDARD
    Bonded Frameless windows - STANDARD
    Hydraulic front jacks - STANDARD
    Painted front cap - STANDARD


    And new floorplans


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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    Darn it why didn't I wait ??? Because I couldn't Ha ! HA ! Looks great ⛄⛄⛄⛄

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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    And I see that it has that funky new spare tire carrier that you have to be really strong to use if you have large tires like G614s. They made it backwards as they put all the weight at the lift point so the only mechanical advantage is your back and at a bad angle. Other than that it looks really nice and the center bedroom is an interesting floor plan.
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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    Thx Erika. They had one of these in the lot at the factory when we went to see ours as it came off the line in May (I thought maybe it wasn't the "gold" edition since it was cream) - must have been some sort of a test model. I think I like the tan better.... At least I did when I saw then side by side; however, I've always liked "pearl." I think it's black and cream not brown and cream....

    Only "maybe" regret "I" have is that we didn't order the frameless windows - I thought that they only opened at the bottom and that worried me.

    Already had painted front and rear caps and hydraulic front jacks....

    Note that it has the two little Brisk II ACs


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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    If the frameless windows only crack open at be bottom you can keep them.

    If rather have frames and windows that open. It's why I'm not sitting in an Evergreen. Because the few (probably 1/2) that opened were only crack open on the bottom. Worthless.

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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    They do look great though!

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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    Quote Originally Posted by JBallam View Post
    They do look great though!
    I do question anything that looks good. There are so many things that are installed on our units that are not practical for good looks. I go by the KISS principal and it serves me well. Nothing like a nice cool brise from well build slider windows. Now way I keep windows or vents open when it rains.

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    Re: Big Country News From Heartland!

    I like the front bath but would rather have a pantry instead of another half bath down stairs. They should offer that as an option.
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