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Thread: Commode Overflow

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    Commode Overflow

    Here's one I have not found on the forum.

    The wife wakes me up on the first night at the campsite saying "we have a sewage leak!!!". I jump out of bed into a puddle of water and when I walk into the bathroom immediately see that the commode is overflowing. I notice the water is clear and depress the flush to quickly empty the bowl. After a quick cleanup, it seems the flush valve never fully closed and a slight trickle continued to fill the bowl to overflowing while we slept. I cycled the flush lever several times, sprayed WD-40 on any moving parts of the valve mechanism I could reach and slept lightly the rest of the night with no incidents since.

    Wondering if anyone has had this occur? Whether it repeated itself and how to prevent it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Commode Overflow

    Sounds like you did what needs to be done.

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    Re: Commode Overflow

    Not to us, but a neighbor several years ago. We came home to find water pouring out of their MH...she apparently used the commode before leaving earlier in the day and the valve stuck....not a pretty sight!!
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    Re: Commode Overflow

    Better it was fresh water than the other option.....
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    Re: Commode Overflow

    I found on our last camping trip that the foot peddle is not retracting to the closed position. I was wondering what to use to lubricate it.

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    Re: Commode Overflow

    We have four small water alarms that operate off AA batteries. I placed one in the bathroom, UDC, under kitchen sink, and the other around the water heater. Had a toilet overflow once and it sounded off before much water hit the floor. Not very expensive.
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    Re: Commode Overflow

    Quote Originally Posted by Swanny59 View Post
    I found on our last camping trip that the foot peddle is not retracting to the closed position. I was wondering what to use to lubricate it.
    Silicone if plastic parts. If metal wd40 works well.

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    Re: Commode Overflow

    What I have seen recommended is Lemon Pledge sprayed into the seal around the hole and then a brush to brush the seal. It will help it seal. Don't know if that helps the sticking valve though.
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