This is the area that you can order the Heartland Owners Club Calendar.

This year the calendar has 2 versions.

First is the 2014/2015 calendar that is made up of pictures selected by a panel of judges and it runs from July 2014 to June 2015.

the second is a 2014 calendar that runs from January 2014 to December 2014. The pictures that are in this calendar are selected by my self of Heartland Owners rigs, there are no pictures duplicated from the 2014/2015 calendar.

The cost for the calendars are $7.00 each for either version plus shipping. Shipping cost are based on USPS media mail rate and run about $3.00 for an envelope containing 1 or 2 calendars.

How to order:
You can E-mail me at or via PM using the Heartland forum.

Tell me which calendar you would like as well as the quantity of each.

If you would like your calendars shipped in some manner other than USPS Media Mail let me know as the cost for shipping will be more.

I will trust any Heartland Owners Club Member to send me the money once you receive your calendar(s)

checks should be made payable to;

David Yocum
881 Buckhead Drive
Bracey, VA 23919