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Thread: Schizoid Generator…...

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    Schizoid Generator…...

    2013 camper……. Onan 5500 gasoline…..35 hours total time.

    All of last year it worked flawlessly…..After a few (4) months in winter storage (stabilizer added to fuel) I tried to fire it and it would run a few seconds…. like it wasn't getting gas and just running on the prime for a little. Tank showed half full, but you can't really trust these gauges so I added 5 gallons and it fired. At first trying to "die" every 15 seconds or so, later on every minute. After a half hour it was running well, I thought I was done.

    Went on the road, topped off the tank, and used it a fuel/rest stops. Ran OK, still the RPM's would drop every minute or two, just for a second.

    Then it ran perfectly. This morning it ran perfectly. 200 miles later we stop and I can't get it running, period. Runs for a second, shuts down. Got it running, put on a load BLAAAAAHHHHH…. shut down. Gave up.

    300 miles later, fuel stop. What the heck, I hit the button. Started right up, ran perfectly for 45 minutes.

    So I'm scratching my head.

    Meanwhile, I have to figure out how long the warrantee is on this thing.

    I hate intermittent problems.

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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    I'd check the fuel tank venting. Sounds like it's starved for fuel.
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    If you didn't run after put the fuel stabilizer in it, the fuel soured in the fuel line, fuel pump, fuel filter and the carburetor. It may clear up with fuel system cleaner, but you most likely need to have the carburetor cleaned
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    I put the stabilizer in with the fuel. I'll still run some cleaner in there. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    Quote Originally Posted by oscar View Post
    I put the stabilizer in with the fuel. I'll still run some cleaner in there. Any suggestions?
    What hoefler is saying, when you add stabilizer to the fuel, you have to run the genny for at least 15 minutes so that the stabilizer gets into the "system". If you didn't do that initially, the fuel in the "system" will cause problems. Since it's sort of running OK, try adding a double dose of Seafoam fuel treatment. It works great in all fuels.
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    Did you run the generator after adding fuel stabilizer before storing it? If you didn't the the carb etc must be cleaned now as the old unstabilized gas would have varnished. The spark plug seems fine if it can run that long. Something is plugged or sticking in the carb intermittently.

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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    I'd look at the fuel bowl on the carb too. pull it off and see if there is any debris in the bowl. Sounds kinda like there might be some junk making the needle valve stick a bit. I'd for sure put in the injector cleaner too though. ED.
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    Before you too involved, try it with the fuel cap loosened up a bit.

    "If" that solves your problem you could have a cap issue.

    Or, in my case the fuel line was pinched between the wall behind the genny and the genny mounting tray. Was just enough that with the cap on it would cause - issues sometimes. With the cap loosened the hose allowed enough fuel to get through to run OK.
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    Pull the fuel bowel it is easy and clean it. The main jet sets right down into the bowel so clean it with something and also check the float pin for something blocking it.
    I bet you are gonna find the bowel full of white powder closely resembling sand.
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    Re: Schizoid Generator…...

    If you stored it for a long time (months) without properly using fuel stabilizer and you try everything that has been suggested, you most likely have a corrosion problem of the fuel system that requires dismantling the carburator and cleaning it and/or replacing any corroded part. After doing that and things are running well again, you might consider changing you generator to propane which is easy to do if a change over kit is available. Propane generators don't have the storage problem like gas generators do. We clean many outboard boat engines every year because people do not follow the manufacturers recommendation for storage. We charge anywhere from $100 to $300 to get outboard engines running well again. Owners who properly store their engines have no related problem. Just saying :-)
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