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Thread: ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

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    ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

    Is there an optimal or predicted manner of barrier deployment when the slide is engaged in either the extending or retracting motion? Reason for the question: There are 4 rubber barriers that protect the interior of the coach at all points along the slide / coach periphery. When my slide is fully extended or fully retracted, the rubber weather barriers on the top and sides do not appear to fully deploy properly; in other words the barrier proper is folded over on itself and / or not fully flat against the exterior wall of the slide. This problem allows water intrusion during rain events. In order to make the rubber barriers deploy properly (I think) I have to reach into the partially folded rubber and literally pull it into position to what I believe is the correct aspect. This leads to the next question: Are the corners of the top barrier intended to overlay the end run of the side barriers? If so, what correcitve action can I use to make that happen? Currently, since these barriers do not appear to properly deploy, this secondary problem is a recurring one as well. I fully intend to provide pictures of the various aspects of all points of this communication, however, I am not able to do so at the moment. I will wait for a reply to this message and determine the next course of action.
    Thank you,
    Scott Neprud

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    Re: ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

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    Re: ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

    When I first got my Edge used I had similar issues but after I manually corrected the barrier positioning at the corners one time the issues were resolved. Here is how I have my corners:

    The top barrier goes above the side barrier on both sides when slide is extended.
    The side barrier goes outside the bottom rubber barrier on both sides when slide is extended.
    The bottom barrier goes inside the side barrier on both ends.

    On my Edge slide all 4 of the barriers are flat against the side wall when side is extended with the corners configured this way.

    On my 2011 Edge M21, it was not like this when I first got it at least on the lower corners and I had manually position the rubbers this way once. After I corrected them they have always stayed correct when slide extends.
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    Re: ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

    Hi Randy,
    Thank you for the assist. I am going to go experiment with how you have presented the settings and check the barrier movement in both motions.
    Thanks again,
    Scott & DeWaun, traveling with
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    Re: ATF: Edge - Slide rubber barrier deployment

    Scott, if you have an awning on your Edge. Use the awning release tool to pull out the seals/flaps. The seals/flaps will only help deflect water away, they are not the slide seals. If your awning is electric...then there is no tool. If you clean the seals well, you can spray them with "dry silicone". Just as a note....if you are getting water in the coach with the slide out. Then the seals on the slide are the issue. With the slide extended, look and see if you can see light coming through. If so, you will need to adjust the slide.
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