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Thread: hot water heater bypass

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    hot water heater bypass

    I have a bighorn 2955 2006 model I purchased used. I can not figure out how to bypass the hot water heater so I can winterize the unit. Can you tell me how to do this.
    Chandler White

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    I have an "06" 3055 and the water heater by pass valves are behind the panel in the storage bay next to the docking station. I took my screws out of the panel and it fits snug enough with out them so I now have fast easy entry. There you will find (3) 1/4 valves hooked to the water heater tank plumbing. To bypass the heater turn the center valve 1/4 turn to open that line. Turn the top and bottom valves 1/4 turn to close those valve. Now the hot water will circulate and bypass the heater tank. Hope thats clear. It will become second nature soon. Of course your tank could be in another location, if so you will just have to look around for it.

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    I did not know where to begin to look for the bypass. I will go home tonight and see if mine is there.
    Thank you for the help

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    Hotwater Bypass - 3400RE

    retired4fun is correct. I just picked up my 3400RE and it is just as he said.
    The service personnel opened up the back of the service panel and changed from bypass. Now I know what the setting are.. Thanks..

    2nd day in new 3400.. Wheee..
    Travel safe & may God bless
    Bob Curry & Trevor
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    Re: 2955RL

    "retired4fun" is right. As you can see below, mine is the exact same model & year.

    Is spring here yet?

    Frans & Kay Hollanders
    2006 F350 PSD 6.0L DRW CC 6-speed FX4
    2006 Bighorn 2955RL

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