Heck of a 24 hrs. RV (2015 Heartland Gateway 3650bh) delivered about 3PM Friday. RV dealer or salesman didn't tell us they'd winterized unit, which entails of opening all faucets and plugging all drains. Smelled smoke, smoke alarm went off, after searching inside seeing nothing, ran outside, outdoor kitchen which wasn't even unlocked yet, flooded. Carpet soaked in bunkhouse. Wood warped that we can see, no telling what we cant see behind walls, under carpet, etc!! Saturday we found black tank leaking!!! You can see the blue chemicals draining thru underbelly on every bolt on the front end of 5er!!! So now both ends of RV have water damage. Dried all from kitchen, carpet in back, etc. It's been snowing off and on since Sat. Dealer gave me a phone number for "his" service, said to call Monday! I'm also calling heartland!! Thankfully it's warrantied and bought extended warranty! Problem is were staying in it. RV dealers service rep said to call Heartland warranty, said he'd sent emails with details and pics. Warranty has no record. Continue to get runaround!!! With the black tank leaking into underbelly and externally from underpinning, this is hazardous!!!! Someone help!!!