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Thread: 3950 FB Design Idea(s)

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    3950 FB Design Idea(s)

    After having our 2015 3950 FB for a couple weeks now, I have at least one design suggestion. Mount the full bathroom toilet about an inch or two further away from the wall. We prefer the Dometic 320 commode and it is a couple inches deeper in the back from the mounting point. I got ours to fit, but at a shallower angle and with the back of the toilet pressing pretty hard into the wall behind it. Just a little thing. I understand that the area there is a little tight to begin with.

    Also, it would be nice if the light switches in the half bath were close to the entrance to the bathroom (i.e. just inside the door) instead of lined up with the fan switches, black tank monitor and 110V outlet all opposite the door on the far wall.

    Otherwise, we've found a lot of well thought out design ideas throughout the trailer and have been very pleased with it.
    Malcolm Talley
    2015 Big Country 3650RL

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    Re: 3950 FB Design Idea(s)

    Great comments Malcolm. Not sure if Joel is listening to this sub-forum, but I think he is.

    If he has no plans to ever go to the Dometic 320 - doubt he'll consider pulling that sewer pipe out from the wall any further - just in case someone changes their Thetford commode to a Dometic 320. Glad you got yours squeezed in.

    Good call on the light switch. I remember seeing the prototype of the LM 365 Newport and the half-bath light switch was across the room. They changed that. Sounds like a mod for you and thanks for asking Joel to consider improving this.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new rig in Goshen

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