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Thread: full timing

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    full timing

    We are planning in the "near" future of going full time RV'ing. I am only going to get one chance. Once we purchase a truck and a 5'er we are in for the duration. Is a Heartland product ( and which one) what I want for full timing? Will it meet the wear and tear of day to day living? I am really concerned about making the right choice the first time. When we purchase money will not be a big issue on this one time purchase so let me know what extras I need to make this my best full time unit. I would love to attend a Heartland rally just so I could talk to all the owners and get their inputs.Thanks!

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    Hi Larryn,

    You will surely get some input on this one.

    I do not full-time but those on this forum that do will likely chime in.

    If I was to full-time in a Heartland, in addition to other options, here's some "full-time" items I would order from the factory:

    - Landmark series
    - Floorplan that suited your lifestyle (for me, Mt. Rushmore)
    - Dual Pane Windows
    - Tank heating pads
    - 15M AC with heat-pump
    - 2nd AC for bedroom (13.5M low-profile with heat-pump)
    - Washer/Dryer (separates if space allowed)
    - Larger refer (10 or 12 cu ft as needed)
    - Oven (in addition to the microwave/convection)
    - Electric/automatic awning (love mine)
    - Best suspension out there (special request if need be)

    Here are some items I would get aftermarket if I were to "full-time" it in my Heartland:
    - Roof mounted satellite dish plus a portable for when I am blocked by trees
    - Satellite Internet (or maybe an cellular AirCard)
    - Upgraded A/V receiver and outdoor speakers
    - Slide-out storage tray for better access to stuff underneath
    - Hydraulic leveling system (HWH etc. - if budget allowed)
    - Water filtration/softener system

    I left out a lot of obvious items as so much comes standard with the Landmark (solid surface counters, decent TVs, slide awnings etc.)

    Best of luck,

    Jim Beletti

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    HI Larryn21
    Like Jim said, there will be alot of full timers chiming in on this one. I have been full timing in a Grand Canyon since March. I have most of the things that Jim listed, but I have found that along the way you find a few items that you did not think of. Most of this is along the personnel line and can only be determined as you go. Jim covered the basic essentials and than some. I owned a 36' Carriage prior to buying the Landmark, the wife was to cramped in it. So it was on to the 38' Grand Canyon, which has a bigger kitchen, more counter space, and more storage in the kitchen. I do not have as much basement storage, but as the wife said, that is my problem. Just kidding. My best asvise to you would be to buy before you leave for good and take a few trips of at least a week or more. That way you will get a feel for what you may need and be more prepared. Good Luck and maybe we will see you on the road. I will be traveling until Jan.


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    Going Full Timing Here

    We are new here in this forum and I have been reading everything that has been posted.
    We are going to look and possibly buy the new Heartland 2400Rl Bighorn this wkend as we are going to go full time within the end of this yr.
    I have some doubts as to the unit we are looking at in knowing if we need the Artic Pkg, since we plan to be in warm weather in winters and summers where it is cooler.
    Another concern is the frig. it only has the 8 cu. ft. frig. I do not think this will be sufficient for full timing.
    Any input to these things mentioned will be greatly appreciated or any added things you full timers can add.

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    do you have an Outback now?? I know this name from Outbacker's forum

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    Full Timing

    Yes Yes Yes it is I Judy, trying to do the homework this time and get it right!!

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    If you are looking for a fulltiming rv....check out the landmarks....My better 1/2 and I will be fulltiming in June and we just put a down payment on a Grand Canyon....only 41 more working days...then here we come.....

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    We bought our Landmark, Mt Rushmore with all of the intentions of using it for fulltiming. I was told at a RV show that these were rated for fulltiming by one of the Heartland owners at the show. One of these days we hope to be on the road, it was suppose to be this year but it is looking more like next year now. I am glad to see some fulltimers with Heartland products will be at the Heartland rally in June. I would love to talk all aabout your fulltiming adventures and also all of the do's and don'ts.
    [States stayed in while fulltiming

    Tom & Judy
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    2011 MOBILE SUITE 36RSSB3 with vanity slide

    Fulltiming and loving it

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    Hi Everyone,
    My Username Is Talfarm.thinking About Purchasing A New Grand Canyon.also Looking Into New Horizon.will Probably Go Fulltiming In Near Future.would Love Comments On Landmark Product
    Hope I Did This Correctly !!!!!!

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