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Thread: M 18 Modifications

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    M 18 Modifications

    These are some of my modifications I have done over the last 5 years.

    1. Kitchen Cupboards.

    Installed L shaped angle stock (aluminum) to hang dish bins (Rubbermaid), thereby increasing storage space in the lower cupboards. Also this allows an easy way of transferring dishes to the outside slide out kitchen.

    Pic showing L shaped angle stock.

    Pic showing bins.

    2. Outside Slide out Kitchen


    We enjoy cooking outside when possible, and decided to build a retractable cupboard in the storage area. The cupboard is made of ˝” plywood and is hung with 48 “slides. The 3 burner stove is manufactured by Atwood and fueled by the trailer equipped propane quick disconnect. The dish bins can be transferred and stored from the inside to the outside cupboard if desired.


    3. Electric Heater


    We found the factory equipped propane heater very noisy and consumed a lot of propane on cold nights. The existing receptacle was removed and a hole was cut into the paneling to accommodate a Seabreaze off the wall heater (Model SF12TA) . This heater is hard wired to a junction box inside the storage area. This heater provides enough heat at the low heat setting when the outside temperature is close to freezing.

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    Re: M 18 Modifications

    Great mods. Love the outside kitchen.
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