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Thread: Shelving Project (LR and KIT)

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    Shelving Project (LR and KIT)

    I added a shelf in the long cabinet over my sofa in the slide and in the long cabinet over the sink in the other slide.

    The interior width of the cabinet over the sofa was about 44". I added a full length, full-depth shelf to it.

    The interior width of the cabinet over the sink was similar, though I did not measure it. I added a half-length, half-depth shelf to it on the right-side opening.

    Installed them today. I think they will work great. Pics attached.
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    Jim Beletti

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    Good Job Jim,

    We found Wire shelves... that worked somewhat.... I like yours better.


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    Nice job Jim. By the way, did you create a lip on the front of those shelves so things do not slip over the edge?

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    Thanks Mark. No, no lip yet. I cut all the wood at the trailer with a battery powered Dewalt circular saw and didn't feel I could cut me a nice thin edge with it. We will add that grippy shelf paper to it and see how it goes the first trip. With a single layer of plastic glasses up there, they just may stay put. If not, rather than cutting and staining a thin front edge, I may cheat and try to obtain a pre-finished trim piece from Heartland.

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    Ken Washington

    Nice job! I would put the edge on it. I do not believe the glasses will stay on the shelf.

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    A telescopic refrigerator bar or curtain rod will do the trick when traveling.

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    Good thinking John. I could do that for the front-to-back dimension but not the long (~44") side-to-side dimension as I'd need to go the full length and on the other side is a tall coffee maker and spice carousel. But you ahve got me thinking on this. Thanks.




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