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Thread: 4250 - improved under bed storage

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    Re: 4250 - improved under bed storage

    we have a3513 and there is only one drawer at the foot of the bed.
    It came with a king bed, very uncomfortable, so i converted it to a queen size to fit a regular queen size mattress.
    This also would give us much more walk room next to the bed.
    doing so, i had to remove the plywood and discovered all the unused space.
    I cut a nice rectangular opening on one side and now can access all this wasted space for storage.

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    Re: 4250 - improved under bed storage

    Quote Originally Posted by Drock512 View Post
    The 4250 we toured a week ago only had a small drawer that would pull out at the foot of the bed. Seems like having a bed frame with a hinged top would expose significantly more storage space.
    I have a 2017 4250 and had to modify mine with a piano hinge so i could use the space under the bed!

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