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Thread: One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

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    One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

    So it just rolled around that time of owning a 22RBK and I'm very happy with the purchase. A few little upgrades here and there were thrown in the mix. Indoor surge protector, oxygenics shower head, wiring the tv sound into the surround sound.
    Here are a few pics of the most recent camping trips.

    Loveland, Colorado. Drove 1000 miles to visit some friends.
    View of the mountains from our campsite.
    70 degress one day.....then....
    8 inches of snow! I was very grateful I purchased a camper actually made for cold weather without the fear of damaged tanks or plumbing.
    The thicker insulation ratings was nice also and the furnace had no issues keeping us warm without using tons of propane.
    One last view of the mountains. This was Estes Park.

    The most recent local camping trip to Toad Suck, Arkansas for my squadrons yearly picnic and camp out.


    We already have our next camping trip scheduled to go float the Buffalo River just north of me in Yellville, AR.

    The overall durability and ease of use of this unit has sold me on the Heartland brand for any future purchases.
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    Re: One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

    Thanks for posting the great pictures.

    I just have a question about Yellville, AR,,, is everyone hard of hearing up there or they just like to hollar a lot?

    Jim M
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    Re: One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

    We loved our 22 rbk when we had it. Awesome rig for certain!

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    Re: One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

    We have had our 22RBK for nine it!
    John & Laurie Huebner
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    Re: One Year of Ownership in a 22RBK

    Our maiden voyage of our previous 2013 Heartland Trail Runner was on Christmas Day, 2012 and it looks to be the same Loveland RV park!

    Here are some shots:

    Campout2012-PC250007.jpg Campout2012-PC270054.jpg Campout2012CampingWorld-PC270075.jpg Campout2012Kitchen-PC270045.jpg Campout2012Spicy&Marcy-PC260025.jpg Campout2012SpicyChecksEmail-PC260023.jpg Campout2012Spicy-PC270042.jpg
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