OKAY, we have established the scare lights operate off of a remote that I don't have. Pleasantly surprised to find that the unit has slide, awning, power jacks, stablizers and maybe more operating off the remote. I have been trying to price a remote but don't know what I am buying. Apparently there are different generations and revisions within the generations. I see various remotes that range in price from $60 or so up to $250. Some are digital and some are analog. Some are like a key fob, some are like a cell phone with LCD screen, and some are like a TV remote. I assume remote needs to match receiver. I have located receiver behind a panel in the kitchen cabinets but it is hard to get to for service or to even see it very well.

Factory parts department wasn't sure which remote I needed. They promised to call me back, but haven't yet. Today their phone has a busy tone and has been that way all day.My phone is 912-288-0980