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Thread: Dining room overhead light

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    Dining room overhead light

    Installed a dimmable 120v LED light to the underside of the happy jack bed. The center of the bed was measured out and holes where drilled to run the wiring through the bed and under the mattress. 12' of extension cord was needed to run the bed up as well as down and dressed neatly. The light fixture itself was through bolted using 10x24 machine screws and luckily there is plenty of room between the lamp and lower beds when fully raised.
    One of my pet peeves with the happyjank/ dining room design is the lack of light when dining due to the upper bed blocking any light fixtures that are directly over the bed.

    The temperature of the LED lamp is around 4500k iirc, so the warm colored LED lights will add much needed light during meals...
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    Re: Dining room overhead light

    Nice mod!

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    Re: Dining room overhead light

    Nice, it came out real clean.

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