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Thread: 4 Season Door for the Edge

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    4 Season Door for the Edge

    I have been asking about a four season door for a 2016 399 Edge. It doesn't seem like it is an option. Can I have an aftermarket one installed?

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    Re: 4 Season Door for the Edge

    If you find one please let me know. We have a 2017 Torque 321 and wanted that option as well, but were told it would not fit. I have searched and did not find an option to install in the garage.

    Good luck.
    Chris, Debra and Taylor
    2017 Torque 321

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    Re: 4 Season Door for the Edge

    We also have a 2016 399Ed we were told this is the part number 0173459 and this is the price $1,293.00. You had to order it directly from Heartland and pay shipping.. which I am sure is steep.
    We have not yet ordered or obviously installed one yet.

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