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Thread: ATF: Greystone- Fridge flexible slide power cord

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    ATF: Greystone- Fridge flexible slide power cord

    I have a problem with my fridge not working on propane when slide is in. After looking under my side when out, I found the propane rubber hose was getting folded over to kink the hose shut so no propane gets to the fridge. The protective snap together cover for the propane and electrical was getting crunched from many times the slide was closing. They replaced the propane line at the dealer and said there is really no way to make sure that this does not happen again. There is not enough room between the slide and the slide bar. I could not find anything on the forum regarding this problem. I would hope someone could give me some advise?
    QS33 5SFSG3623BE222856 GS 33QS 2011 DOM 6/21/2010 Greystone
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