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Thread: Diesel thief

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    Diesel thief

    Check out story wow. shyponing fuel taking on new meaning

    look in global national story's
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    Thieves sure are getting bold. Those were some big heists.


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    I have been seeing some reports of the theft of huge amounts of fuel by various methods including a van that carried a tank in the back. They would stop the van over the tank fill pipe, break the padlock on the filler and then siphon fuel out into the tank in the van.

    These guys are getting bolder and bolder. Think about sending someone to the pen for stealing gas.....
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    I had two jerry cans stolen off of my scout trailer in Winnemucca two years ago. They chose one of the water's for the dogs and the second was diesel. I just hope and pray they poured them into what ever poc they were driving! I now use a cable and locks to secure the cans..........I hated to lose the Sceptre plastic cans more than the fuel!
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    You know, thats really sad. However there are some among us that do not have the values that Heartland owners have. Lets stick together as a community and call 911 when or if we see this happening (neighborhood watch type thing) . But more than likely, we'll be asleep and they (the bad guys) will be doing their evil deeds.
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