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Thread: Sewer / Gray Water Valves - 3950

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    Sewer / Gray Water Valves - 3950

    Just took delivery of a new 3950, which has two doors for Sewer / Gray Water Valves, outside the door is labeled. When you open the door there are three valves in the front door and two valves in the rear door. No labels. Which valve controls which tank ? My Dealer has no idea ? Nothing in the manual for the 3950 ? Please assist ?

    P.S. love the 3950, still getting use to everything but love it !None

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    What I find strange is that your dealer wouldn't know. My suggestion. Go camping and get full hook ups. Get a clear sewer adapter and hook up your sewer line. Make sure your tanks are empty and close all the valves. Run or pour 5 or 10 gallons of water down the toilet. Pull one valve at a time till water comes out. Mark that handle as the Black Tank. Pour 5 gallons or so of water down the shower drain then pull the remaining 2 valves, one at a time. When water comes out mark that valve Grey1. Do the same thing at the Kitchen sink. Your last valve should be Grey2.
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    Sewer / Gray Water

    Ray, Thanks for the reply. Kind of what I figured, will have to play process of elimination and label myself. Thanks

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    Easier than labeling and having it fall off is to either swap out the gray water handles with zinc metal ones or...just paint the ones you have gray or white so you know instantly which is which.

    just my 2 cents...

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    sewer valve handles

    hello, i had the same prob. I found out that the two outer knobs are the sewer tanks. its too dark to see any color in there so i labeled the insides of the doors with the correct location..

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