• Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins
  • 13429 US-281, Santo, TX 76472
  • 940-769-2277 - Mention "Texas Sweetheart Rally"


  • Visit the Rally Website to view the Agenda (link)

  • Event Leader: Larry Ulmer (email)

Registration is a 2-step process:
Below are the steps to join this rally
  1. Visit the Rally Registration page (link) to register, then follow step 2 below.
  2. Contact Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins directly (940-769-2277) to reserve a site for the rally in the rally area (mention Texas Sweetheart Rally). Site numbers will be assigned later.

Additional Info:
Note that this is NOT a Heartland rally. It's open to all brands of RVs. Join Heartlanders and many other brand owners for the annual Texas Sweetheart Rally at a new location for this rally - Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins.